How to clean your new stainless steel kegs!

Our kegs will arrive to you fully passivated, they just need to be cleaned before filling to get rid of all microbial life.  We pressurize our kegs to 25 PSI with air for safety during shipping so you will need to release
the pressure before attempting to clean.


Below are our general recommendations for cleaning your new stainless steel kegs:

1.  Rinse the kegs with water, then drain. Always use hot water to rinse the kegs.
     Suggested temperature for the hot water is  
161°F / 71.5°C

2.  Apply caustic solution at a suggested temperature of 179°F / 81.5°C


3.  Drain out the caustic and rinse the kegs with hot water


4.  Use acid solution to clean inside and outside of the keg, suggested acid
     solution temperature is 179°F / 81.5°C.

5.  Drain out the acid solution and rinse the kegs with more hot water.


6.  Proceed to steam sterilization: Suggested temperature is 226°F / 108°C


7.  Your kegs are now clean...

Please proceed to fill them with delicious brews and serve to good people.