Frequently Asked Questions

Where are Gopher Kegs made?

We are proud to work primarily with Major Keg in Ningbo, China. They make high quality stainless steel beer kegs for the craft brewing industry. They recently passed the SABMiller quality control tests, which is a significant determination. They actually scored higher overall than the European contenders. It's a rigorous series of benchmarks that essentially make them an approved supplier on an international level. They are ISO 9001-2001 certified which means they comply with international regulatory standards as well. For hard numbers on standard testing procedures, click here.


What type of spear do you use?

We outfit our kegs with Micro Matic spears - they are considered to be the industry standard. The replacement parts are standardized and readily available online, which makes refurbishing them cost and time efficient. Other brands are available upon request.


Are your kegs pressurized?

Yes. Brand new kegs are pressurized with 25PSI of air for safety during shipping. You will need to release the internal pressure by depressing the ball in the C02 valve before cleaning and/or removing the spear. Used kegs will most likely not be pressurized.


Are they passivated?

Yes. The kegs are passivated at the factory.


Do I need to clean the kegs myself?

Yes. The kegs are pre-passivated at the factory and then thoroughly rinsed with water but you will need to give the kegs a standard cleaning and sanitizing upon arrival. Click here for our general cleaning guidelines.

What does passivation mean?

Passivation means the stainless steel has been treated with acid. The acid creates a “passive” or inert layer on the steel so it doesn’t react with the liquid inside the keg. Certain conditions can corrode the passive layer such as abrasive scrubbing, caustic chemicals and general use of the keg. Kegs should be re-passivated at least once a year.